Important Zika Virus Alert for Ob/Gyn Providers in Florida from the Florida DOH

Reproduced with permission from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, District XII

Dear Colleagues,

As I am sure you are aware that the Zika virus infection has been associated with microcephaly in newborns, as reports from Brazil have recently indicated. In addition to the Practice Advisory (Download as PDF) issued by ACOG's national office this afternoon containing clinical guidance regarding Zika virus, District XII has compiled resources specific to the state of Florida. Attached is a letter from the Florida Department of Health as well as additional information from the FL DOH and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to better help you as you address these serious concerns with your patients. In addition, there is also specific contact information for the County Health Departments should you have further questions.

Please let me know if there is further information you need as you approach this rapidly evolving problem. I understand that because the Zika virus is transmitted by mosquitos that are ubiquitous in our state, and also because we have significant travel between the affected areas in Central and South America, Florida is on the front lines on this problem. As the Florida DOH, CDC and ACOG provide updates on this, ACOG District XII will also share the latest information as it becomes available.


Karen E. Harris, MD, MPH
Chair, District XII